Is Hiring a Cheaper Painting Company Better?

If you are like the rest of us, you want good top-quality painting services and products when it comes to almost everything in life. From a restaurant dining experience to your home remodeling and renovation projects- we just like getting our monies worth. Sometimes, especially when it comes to hiring for projects around the house, we don’t want to be taken advantage of by overpaying and getting shoddy work.

 So, is cheaper, better? Do you really need to pay an arm and a leg to get decent work done? Stay tuned as we break down what you should look for in a good contractor when making your home remodeling decisions.

Hiring the Right Painter for the Job

Do your research.

If you have spent any amount of time at home, pretty sure we all have with the lockdown, you might have noticed some things around the house that need either fixing up or changing it. Were you all tripping over each other in the kitchen? Did those ugly yellow walls finally drive you insane? No matter what your next project is, make sure to research before you choose a contractor to come into your home. Look for things like a website where you can locate the contractor’s license and run it through DPOR ( Do they have reviews on major sites like Google and Yelp and Facebook? Ask your neighbors in your local community groups on places like Nextdoor and get an idea of what their past work has been right in your own community. Doing the hard work before with in-depth research will save you time and headaches down the road.

Ask for insurance information.

So you’ve started your research and maybe even narrowed your choices for contractors down to a few- good job, but don’t stop there. You still have some more investigating you need to do! What many people don’t know to look for is the insurance that your potential contractor either has or doesn’t have. Did you know that if you hire a company to do work on your property and an accident happens and that company doesn’t have insurance that you, as the homeowner, could be required to pay for medical bills? That’s not all either. You can also be required to pay for the lost wages of the person involved in the accident while they are recouping! Talk about a financial nightmare that can cost you thousands and even get you booted from your own home insurance. Ask for their insurance coverage and make sure they have it. Don’t just take their word for it because future you might be in for a rude awakening. 

Don’t fly by night.

This term, “fly by night” gets thrown around a lot in the remodeling realm and for good reason too. People say to not hire a fly-by-night contractor because they will do the work and you call them back to either fix something or because you have a warranty question and they have closed up shop and can’t be reached. The last thing you want is a disconnected number when your new kitchen sink starts leaking or your paint starts chipping right after the project was completed. Making sure the company you hire is local and active in the community is a great way to make sure you won’t be sorry after your project is done. Check out their social profiles and make sure that they are actively responding to people and their reviews. Ask around to local friends and family members and see if they have ever heard good or bad things about the company. This is going to give your peace of mind before your project starts so you can sleep well long after it is done. 

Don’t look at just the price

Now that we have covered a few things that you should look into before even hiring a contractor, let’s address pricing. Pricing is huge when it comes to a remodeling project and sometimes estimates from different companies can be all over the place. So, is the cheaper price the best one to go with? Well, imagine hiring a company that doesn’t have the proper insurance and isn’t licensed by the state to come and give you an estimate? They don’t have to factor in the cost of insuring their employees and they aren’t keeping up with the regulations and cost that goes into being licensed by the state of Virginia so they can cut costs and come in low just to beat out the competition. In short, cheaper is definitely not better. It can cost you thousands of dollars plus attorney fees and sometimes homeowners never get their money back or their projects completed. It is definitely smart to get a few estimates from reputable contractors before making your decision so you can make the best choices for your home and your budget.

So why should you hire Pro Edge Painting? We always say that we might not be the cheapest, but we are definitely the best when it comes to painting your home. We pride ourselves on our past work and make sure our reviews can be found on our website, social profiles, and within local community groups. We make sure we get back to our clients in a timely manner and we won’t leave you hanging after a job is done. We can provide you with our insurance information as well as our licensing information. Our goal is to take the worry off your plate and provide you with the best quality craftsmanship while also protecting you by making sure we are covered where it matters.

Ready to get your next project started? We are here for you with free estimates. You can either reach us at or give us a call at 703-795-6124​!

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  1. Thanks for helping me understand how doing in-depth research on the painting contractor that I’ll be hiring can save me from headaches in the future. I need someone else to handle the interior painting project that I want to have for my house since I’m afraid that I might ruin my flooring. I’ll try to check their license first as you advised before agreeing to work with them.

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