How To Budget for Exterior Painting Projects

Covid has changed our world in many ways. With so many of us staying home without much to do, this boredom eventually ended up being solved by doing projects around the house. The increase in home renovations has meant the supply of materials for these projects – specifically, paint – has lowered while the price has increased significantly

How Much Will It Cost Me? 

Paint prices will vary depending on a number of factors like the type of paint and the cost of labor if you’re outsourcing this project. With that being said, the average cost to finish a job like this ranges from $955 to $2,890, with the national average sitting at $1,892. 

Hiring A Crew

When it comes to painting the exterior of your home you can do it yourself if you’re up for the task but using a professional paint crew is recommended. Depending on the size of your home this can be quite the project and using a team of hired professionals can make a world of difference. Most painters will charge $20-$50/hr with some charging as high as $75/hr so it’s a good practice to allocate 75%-85% of your budget to labor costs. 

Labor can also be priced by square footage. There is some wiggle room in this pricing method based on the type of paint you go with and if you are able to give the painting crew your own supplies i.e. brushes, rollers, etc. For just labor, $1.50-$4 per square foot is expected if you supply the materials (brushes and rollers) and if you’re letting the painting crew handle materials, $2-$6 is average. Most painting professionals prefer to charge by the area as compared to an hourly rate. 

A solid tip on saving money is the time of year you decide to paint the exterior of your house. Since most painting occurs in the summer months, painting companies tend to be slower from November through February and this can come at a big advantage to you. Try scheduling your painting job during those months and you might be able to get a much more competitive quote. 

What Kind of Paint Should You Use? 

What kind of paint you use will go a long way in not only the total cost of the job but also how frequently you’ll need to get it touched up.  Here’s a brief look at the two most common paints used on home exteriors. 

Oil-Based Paints

Oil-based paints are the way to go if durability is something you’re after. Oil-based paints are often used by painting professionals for their hard finish and water-resistant nature. It’s worth noting that it’s good practice to go with an oil-based paint if the exterior of your home has already been painted with an oil-base. You also want to keep in mind that oil-based paints also require brushes and rollers specifically designed for oil bases. 

Latex-Based Paints

Latex paints are another great option for your exterior.  They are easy to apply, dry quickly, and make cleanup easy. They also tend to be cheaper than oil-based paints (up to 40% cheaper) and be a great asset if you’re trying to save money. An important tip to save you from a future headache is to never apply latex paint over oil-based paints as it will definitely peel and leave you with a world of trouble. 

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