Making Paint Color Choices That Increase the Value of Your Home

The colors you choose to decorate your space with can deeply affect the way you feel about your home. So it comes as no surprise that research shows that our paint color choices can also affect the way potential buyers feel about our homes.

Certain colors tend to be either universally appealing or unpopular. A 2021 Zillow survey of over 1000 home shoppers showed that choosing the right shades in your home can pay off big-time.

Decreasing the Value of Your Home Using Color

1. Slate Gray

In the past decade, gray has reigned king of the neutrals in home design. It’s generally popular across the board, but it’s important to take care when choosing which shade of gray you put on your walls. The wrong choice could swing your sale price by more than $1000 in either direction!

The undertones in the shade you choose can make a huge impact on the overall feeling of a room. Homeowners who painted their dining room walls a dark, cooler shade of gray saw an average decrease of over $1000 in the sale price of their homes, while the use of a brighter, warmer shade of gray in main living spaces brought in approximately $1000 more! 

2. Off-White

This one might surprise you. The same study discovered that the seemingly safe off-white color family was rather off-putting to home buyers. “White” paint is so much more than just white, making it one of the more difficult shades to choose.

Going with a shade with too much yellow, for instance, can make spaces look drab and dingy. Buyers tend to be turned off by the wrong white shades – particularly in kitchens.

3. Terracotta

Once a very popular paint choice, terracotta has fallen out of home buyers’ good graces. This bold and warm color choice can be a turn-off to potential home buyers. The Zillow study indicated that homes with terracotta-colored living rooms even had a final sale price of less than the expected value.

4. Dark Brown

The color of mud and tobacco, dark brown has become almost universally an unappealing color when used in home decor. You can expect a decrease in your sale price when a buyer has to cover and repaint this heavy shade.

Don’t believe us? European governments use this color in combination with unsettling images on cigarette packs to make the product less appealing in an effort to deter smoking.

Adding Value to Your Home Using Color

Now that we’ve discussed what poor color choices can do for the sale of your home, let’s talk about the colors that can add value! Most realtors suggest a fresh coat of paint when getting ready to sell your home, and what you choose can make a world of difference. According to research, these are the shades that you should consider using for interior painting throughout your home before you list:

1. Purple

Another surprise on the list is purple. This regal shade invokes feelings of creativity, peace, wealth, and tranquility. A lovely lavender bathroom or mauve bedroom may just increase the value of your home by over $1000!

2. Tan

It may not be the most exciting color, but this neutral is universally appealing. You can go with warmer oatmeal shades or cooler beige shades. Whatever you choose, the Zillow study shows that you’re likely to see an increase in your sale price.

 3. Yellow

A soft, buttery yellow in your home can attract buyers and increase the value of your home by over $1000, the Zillow analysis found. Try a nice yellow with a crisp white trim in your kitchen for a classic color combination that buyers love.

4. Green

Choosing the right shade of green in your home can attract buyers. This color invites feelings of health and new beginnings. If you are going to use it in a bedroom, focus on light, soft shades of green rather than one that is too bright or heavy. Using the right green color can increase your home’s sale price by over $1500!

5. Light Gray

Light gray is the new beige. Most buyers find a soft, hazy shade of dove gray so appealing that you could increase the sale price of your home by more than $1,100. Color can change the tone of everything in your home. So choose your color palette wisely, and have fun painting

Getting Help From the Pros

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