How to Pick the Perfect Paint Colors for Your Home

Adding new paint colors to your home is an easy way to bring new life and style to a space. However, choosing paint colors for your home can be intimidating for the novice interior designer. With so many shades and finishes on the market, as well as ever-changing trends, it can seem impossible to make the right choice. Keeping a few simple tips in mind while paint shopping can help you create the perfect color palette for your home.  

Determine the Mood

Paint color can be used to cultivate a specific mood in a space. Bright colors can lift the energy of a space, making them a great choice for spaces where people gather, such as kitchens, living rooms, and dining rooms. Cool tones like blues, aqua colors, or greens have the opposite effect and can calm the energy of a space. These shades work well in relaxing spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms.

To add sophistication to any color, opt for a shade with gray undertones. You can also select a neutral color palette with classic natural shades like beige, taupe, or warm grays that work well in any room of the house. With a neutral wall color, you can introduce pops of color with linens and accent decor.  

Consider the Room Size 

Generally speaking, light colors can make a space appear bigger. If the room you are painting is small, avoid a bold or bright color, which will make the room feel even smaller. Instead, choose a crisp white or other soft tone, which will make the room seem open and airy. 

Conversely, use darker, richer colors to make a large space feel more intimate. These colors create an illusion that draws the wall inward and gives a cozier feel to the space. This effect is emphasized when the trim in the space is painted a lighter, contrasting color. 

Evaluate Your Natural Light

Paint swatches in stores are often displayed under harsh fluorescent lighting, and colors will likely look very different in your home. Before committing to a color in-store, bring the swatch or sample home to see how it looks in the space. If your room lacks natural light, go for a lighter shade to keep the space bright. Bold or darker shades will work well in rooms with abundant sunlight.

The directionality of your space’s light can also affect how a color will look in a room. North-facing rooms get less direct sunlight throughout the day and can benefit from a warmer paint color. South-facing rooms experience the opposite effect, and bold colors can be too intense in these spaces. East-facing rooms lack warmth in the evening light and look great in warmer tones, and west-facing rooms can be toned down with cool colors. 

Ready to Change Your Space?

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