7 Molding Ideas to Freshen your Home

If you are looking to add some life to the walls of your home, then molding is the way to go. You can add molding to your stairways, pantry, windows, or countless other surfaces that need some updating. And you can do this updating with no more than a drill, some cheap lumber, and some glue and paint. Here are 7 molding ideas that are sure to freshen up your home.

Closet Doors

You can add some life to your dull closet or pantry doors with some small frames that are easy and quick to build and install. Paint your new frames with a soothing color like a muted gray or one that pops like a deep orange or robust navy. Screw your moldings into your closet or pantry doors with drywall screws, staggering them in rows of two. 

Stairway Walls

You pass through and by your stairway walls every day, but do you ever really notice them? Adding some square-shaped panel molding to their base and landing wall will make your stairway walls stand out. It’s a fast and easy way to give them a sleek makeover. 

Frame Your Windows

You can use molding to frame your windows with nothing more than a few pieces of thin wood panels. Add some color to your living room, bathroom, dining room, or wherever you are framing your windows by painting your new frames. 

Don’t Let Your Cabinets Go Barefoot

Give your kitchen cabinets on your island or walls some new shoes with wooden legs you can buy from just about any hardware store. They are super easy to install. All you have to do is drill a hole on the underside of your cabinets and screw them into place. You can paint them the same color as your cabinet so it looks like they were there the whole time.  

Sometimes it’s the subtle accents that matter. This molding idea speaks to that sentiment.

Class Up Your Stairway Post

Head back to your stairway for this molding idea. Is your stairway post boring and outdated? Class it up by adding some panels to the existing post frame. Rectangular molding with a wrap-around frame can really give some character to a part of your home that you (and your guests) see every day.

Spruce Up Your Kitchen Cabinet Ends

You’ve given life to your kitchen cabinet feet and your pantry. Next up is your cabinet ends. This area of your cabinets can really stick out, and not in a good way. A simple X pattern with some fresh paint will transform the boring and mundane into stylish and snazzy. 

Smooth Out Your Modeling Transitions 

Modeling end panels can look rough if not properly installed. You can smooth out the transition from your base modeling to your end wall post with one solid base that covers any gaps. This will give a more structured and polished look to your existing molding. 

Ready to Mold Your Home?

Whatever molding project you’re working on, Pro Edge Painters can help you paint the finished product, along with the rest of your home both inside and out. Get your quick and easy quote today.

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