2022 Winter Specials with Pro Edge Painting!

It’s that tiiime of year – when it’s the best time to get your home updated, repainted, and upgraded. Beat the springtime rush and get your home on the schedule with the (pretty awesome – but hey, we’re biased) deals offered by Pro Edge Painting starting in November (and going all the way to March 2023!) for Northern Virginia homeowners looking to “spruce up” their homes before the ho-ho-holidays. Before we talk about why you should consider scheduling now for a winter home-style tune-up – let’s tell you quickly about the promotion.

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How Lighting Can Impact Your Paint Colors

Lighting is a critical aspect to consider when choosing what color to paint your interior walls. Understanding how natural and artificial lighting accent the walls inside your home will allow you to nail the perfect ambiance you want to create. But just how does lighting impact different paint colors? And what causes it to do so? That’s exactly what this article will cover.

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7 Molding Ideas to Freshen your Home

If you are looking to add some life to the walls of your home, then molding is the way to go. You can add molding to your stairways, pantry, windows, or countless other surfaces that need some updating. And you can do this updating with no more than a drill, some cheap lumber, and some glue and paint. Here are 7 molding ideas that are sure to freshen up your home.Continue reading

Exterior Painting Dos and Don’ts

Warmer weather means more time outside playing with the kids and walking the dog and, unfortunately, noticing what the winter weather has done to the exterior of your home. Don’t worry because we are going to cover the do’s and do not’s of exterior painting so you can have the best house on the block […]

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