2022 Winter Specials with Pro Edge Painting!

It’s that tiiime of year – when it’s the best time to get your home updated, repainted, and upgraded. Beat the springtime rush and get your home on the schedule with the (pretty awesome – but hey, we’re biased) deals offered by Pro Edge Painting starting in November (and going all the way to March 2023!) for Northern Virginia homeowners looking to “spruce up” their homes before the ho-ho-holidays. Before we talk about why you should consider scheduling now for a winter home-style tune-up – let’s tell you quickly about the promotion.

Pro Edge Painting Winter Promo Specials

  1. Winter discount program running from November 28, 2022, through 3/17/2023
  2. 10% off labor on all interior projects including  painting, drywall repairs, and interior molding installs
  3. * Only on new estimates 

If you were ever considering changing it up with interior painting or repairing that “I’ll get to it later” hole in the wall – now is the time to get that scheduled! And even better – Pro Edge Painting offers homeowners in and around Gainesville and Haymarket far more than just painting services! Drywall holes from pictures, tv’s or kiddos that got a little too carried away playing Captain America? We can repair that too with this discounted winter special pricing. We also handle wood rot – so if that door framing has been an eyesore for far too long – call us up, and we’d be happy to fix that for you.

Winter Special Dates

The Winter Special with Pro Edge Painting started November 28, 2022 and runs all the way until spring ending on March 17, 2023 – that’s FOUR months to schedule your Pro Edge Painting services and the start of 2023 with a house-turned-home. From accent walls to molding installs (making for really cool accent walls), Pro Edge Painting has years of experience wow-ing NoVA homeowners – and now it’s your turn!

10% Off Interior Jobs

Take 10% off of interior jobs including interior painting, drywall repairs, and molding – you name it, we do it – and we’ll do it for 10% off starting in November all the way through spring! Now’s the time to get that fresh coat of paint, clean up some unsightly walls, or tear down that wallpaper – and with hundreds of 5-star reviews – Pro Edge knows what they’re doing. Reach out to schedule! Our phone is (703) 795-6124 or online at https://proedgepainting.net/.

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