FAQs of Interior Painting: Everything You Need to Know Before Hiring a Painter

Looking for a painting company to bring your interior walls to life? Here’s what you need to ask before deciding on the company that is right for you. 

Do They Still Use Oil-Based Paints? What Is the Primary Difference Between Oil and Water-Based (Acrylic, Latex) Paints?

Oil-based paints have generally been removed from the market, as they are not as environmentally friendly as the new options of latex (water-based) and acrylic (chemical-based).  

How Many Coats of Paint Are Included?

Generally, two coats of paint are included with every job. There are, though, some instances where only one coat will be needed.

Can I Save Money by Providing My Own Materials? 

When working with professional painters such as Pro Edge Painting, we suggest that you allow the professionals to provide the materials needed for your job. Generally, we will be able to get the materials at a discounted price, due to the number of materials we purchase for our jobs.  

How Long Does the New Paint Last?

When done well, a new paint job can last anywhere from seven to ten years. There are several factors that can go into the longevity of a new paint job, such as where you live and the quality of the previous job. The quality of the surface being painted must be taken into account, as well as how much of the surface is exposed to the elements.

Does Painting an Area With Another Coat of Latex Paint Require a New Coat of Primer?

No, it doesn’t always need a primer. We would generally lightly sand the area and clean it thoroughly.  Once this is done, we would repaint the area, though it may require more than one coat. 

What Are the Finishing Options Available? 

The most common finishing options are flat (matte), eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, and high-gloss 

Do Professional Painters Offer Guidance on Choosing the Right Color?

Many factors can go into the process of choosing a paint color, from different settings of light in your home to general opinions of different colors. We’ve been serving customers and their interior painting needs for over 30 years so we can provide you with general guidance on how a certain color or shade will look and feel once it’s in your home. 

How Can I Maximize the Life of My New Paint Job?

New paint jobs can get dirty quickly, especially in high-traffic areas with light switches and doorknobs as well as kitchen areas that see a lot of cooking action. It is important to wipe away dirt before it can become trapped in the paint. Doing this will keep your new paint looking fresher, longer. 

Painting Is Easy With ProEdge

You’ll never have to worry about a complicated process with Pro Edge Painting. From our initial assessment to the final invoice, you will know what you can expect to pay and when you can expect to have it done. Our simple and straightforward approach is how we became the most trusted painting company in Northern Virginia. Contact us today to get started on a refreshing painting experience.

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