Best Seasons to Paint Your Home

Been stuck in the house more than normal this year? You might feel like you need a new coat of paint for you just want to switch it up and have a fresh start for 2021. No matter the reason, there is definitely “the best season” when it comes to painting your home. Let’s cover which seasons you should be considering when deciding to paint your home. 

Best Seasons for Interior Painting.

Interior Painting in Winter.

Right now it is very cold outside and we even had had some snow last week. So if you are thinking about painting the exterior of your home right now- you may have to hold off. Painting needs to be done in weather that isn’t too cold or isn’t too hot. When temperatures dip below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, paint can have a hard time adhering to the surface and can kind of roll-off. That’s why we always suggest waiting until either spring or fall for your home exteriors. If you are thinking about painting your home’s interior walls- well you in luck! Indoor temperatures are a lot easier to work with especially when you have a thermostat controlling the temperature. The thing you have to be careful of is the humidity. When the humidity is too high- you will run into some issues when painting and waiting for it to dry.

Something to remember before you pull the trigger on painting is that you want to make sure you give your painting company enough time before you have family and friends over for the holidays. Paint takes time to cure and dry and you don’t want that running into your events for the holiday season. Planning ahead will allow you to get on the books before it is too late and also get enough time between the paint drying and guests arriving. 

Spring Exterior Painting.

Spring will be here before you know it and so will the best time to think about painting the exterior of your home. The one thing to watch out for is those “April Showers” as painting during rain or right after is not going to let your new paint dry the way you want it. So make sure you have a clear week of weather before you schedule your painting job!

If you are thinking of painting your interiors, make sure to keep in mind about the humidity indoors. With all the rain we get, it can play a part in your painting process.

Home Painting in the Summer.

The summer an awesome time of year with grills going and kids playing outside. When we sit in the house in cold months like we are now, we end up dreaming about those long summer nights outside.

Unfortunately, summer isn’t always ideal for painting your home’s exterior. When temps get in the high 90’s, you will run into some issues with paint sticking or getting tacky. Most professional companies will check the weather and find a week where the weather is calmer and schedule you then.

Interiors during the summer are usually good to go unless it gets too humid in the house. 

Interior and Exterior Painting in the Fall.

Fall is perfect for long walks and painting! You won’t find a better month of the year to do both interior and exterior painting. The temps have cooled off and humidity is at an all-time low. Definitely start thinking of scheduling at the end of summer for a fall time slot before your painting company gets booked up. They will have a lot on the books with people thinking about family and friends coming over and booking for the holidays. 

No matter what or when we are ready to help guide you when it comes to your home interior or exterior painting project. Whether you are just in the planning phase and curious about pricing or you are ready to roll and get that fresh coat up there- we are here to help at Northern Virginia’s Pro Edge Painting. You can either reach us at or give us a call at 703-795-6124​!

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