The Best Paint Colors for Selling Your Home

A home remodeling guide and contractor liaison website called Flixr surveyed 200 influencers and interior design experts to determine what colors will help your home sell in 2021. Using that report as a template, we’ve compiled a list of paint colors we recommend (and don’t recommend) to make painting your home that much easier. / to help sell your home in the new year. 



Kitchens should be warm grey or white, according to the Flixr report. We recommend Benjamin Moore in Revere Pewter or Simply White, and Sherman Williams in Pure White or Agreeable Gray. Try to avoid warm colors, like reds, oranges, and yellows, as they can make you more hungry and the room seem hot. Dark greys in the kitchen, especially one with no windows, can make the space unwelcoming and stipulate depression. 


Living Room

Avoid browns in the living room; they can make to room appear drab and smaller than it is. Flixr recommends white for the living room, and our picks include Benjamin Moore in White Dove or Chantilly Lace and Sherman Williams in Snowbound or Greek Villa. 



The Flixr survey indicated that white or taupe are going to be popular colors in the new year, and we recommend Farrow and Ball in All White and Behr in Creamy Mushroom. Don’t use red and purple in the bedroom – red for the same reasons to avoid it in the kitchen, and purple because it’s the least conducive to a good night’s rest.



White in the bathroom is an absolute no. White shows stains easily, and the bathroom is easily the grossest room in the house. The bathroom is the room to go bold and show your “true colors”, as well as lightening the while home. Flixr found that this year, pale blue is the color to go for in this room. Try Farrow and Ball in Skylight or Sherman Williams in Moonmist.



Flixr recommends white or grey for the outside of your home. Benjamin Moore in Cedar Key or Grey Owl and Sherman Williams in Extra White, Shoji White, or Alabaster are all great options to consider for your color palette. Brown and yellow are the colors to avoid here; yellow because it fades the look of your house, brown because it makes your house appear dull and boring, and both of them decrease the value of your home over time.


Overall, Flixr found that cool neutral tones, like white, grey, beige, and taupe, are the way to go when repainting your house when you plan on selling this year. Avoid mixing green and brown in any room, and use pink sparingly as an accent.

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