How to Keep Your Home Cool During the Summer

There is no doubt that we are officially in the dog days of summer. With temperatures reaching into the triple digits, families around the area are looking for ways to keep their homes cool while we wait for fall and temperatures to drop. From house colors to indoor tips- we are going to cover some ways to keep your family chill while temps rise. 

Ways to cool down your home during summer

Paint it.

Of course, an exterior painting company like Pro Edge Painting would suggest painting, but listen to the science behind it! Just like when you walk into your closet in the morning on a day that is forecasted to be hot out, you walk right past the dark-colored clothes and straight to the lighter ones- why? Because dark colors absorb heat. This is the same for your home’s exterior. Dark siding will heat up the outside of the house and, in turn, will heat up the inside making your HVAC system work overtime and drive up that electric bill. Consider choosing a lighter color for the exterior and watch your cooling bill decrease and your family relax during those hot days. 

Throw shade.

Throw shade (but not in the way teens today throw shade) but by putting up shades over your windows. Windows are amazing for letting in natural sunlight but they can really allow heat in and cool air out. If you test it out, you’ll find that the temperature inside a room with a lot of windows differs greatly from a room with no windows. By utilizing window coverings, you can really help keep the house cool while also saving money on your cooling bill. Enough money to go to the store and get your favorite ice cream (don’t worry, we won’t tell the kids).

Turn it off.

Something that makes total sense but that a lot of people forget is your light fixtures create heat. Sometimes in the morning when the kids are running every way but the right one and you are late and just trying to get out the door, you might forget to turn off the lights before you leave. This can cause heat in a room and why waste the money on the eclectic bill when no one is even there. So, turn off the lights before you go and your future self with thank you.

Get cookin’.

Remember that grill you got your husband for father’s day that he swore he always wanted but never seems to use? Well, get to cookin’ because cooking outside can save a lot of heat from inside. Just think about it, heating up the oven and using the burners create a lot of heat that just stays in the house causing your family to sweat and your HVAC to work. Put the grill to use and start grilling veggies and meats and keep the heat where it belongs- outside.

Whether it be now during the dog days or in two months when the weather turns, Pro Edge Painting is here for your painting project. From interior to exterior, we can help bring your dreams to life with our team of talented painters that are dedicated to you and your home. We also offer free estimates and would love to be able to come out and talk about your next project. Find us at or give us a call at 703-795-6124​!

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